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Francis Ngannou gives a significant update on his MMA career.

Though Francis Ngannou, a former UFC superstar, is presently making waves in the boxing world, he hasn’t given up on mixed martial arts just yet.

After putting in a remarkable performance against Tyson Fury in the cage last year, the thrilling heavyweight has become even more famous outside of it.

Ngannou stopped the current WBC heavyweight champion, but because the fight was a split decision, he was unable to claim victory.

In March, Ngannou will now take on Anthony Joshua in a different boxing match, but after amassing a string of notable victories inside the ring, Ngannou is still keen to go back into mixed martial arts.

“I’m not done with mixed martial arts at this time. Speaking to DAZN, Ngannou said, “I can tell you that I’m not done with MMA because I still believe that there are some great fights out there that I can still offer fans.”
“My MMA community served as my foundation and aided in my advancement, so I’m currently considering ways to collaborate with them.”

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